In this article, we are going to discuss the number 131 and its associations. 131 is most noteably the number of Pan in both Greek and Hebrew Gematria value. For an occult view of Pan, see "Hymn to Pan," in Magick in Theory and Practice by Aleister Crowley. You will find information on him in any general work on Greek mythology, and I highly recommend Philippe Borgeaud's The Cult of Pan in Ancient Greece. Pan is the phallic god of animal nature, known to the Romans as Faunus and the Vedas as Pusan. He is half man and half goat, or what we may call a satyr. He has been adopted by the Christians for their concept of the goat-headed "Devil." The concept is seen in Anton Lavey's Baphomet Pentagram. The name Baphomet itself transliterates to 131 in Hebrew values. (BPMT, thanks again, Cliff.) 131 can also be seen as related to the pentagram by reduction, as 1+3+1 = 5.

Much is made to do about Pan in the Fool chapter of Crowley's Book of Thoth. He is attributed to both the Fool and the Devil cards. An interesting Qabalistic formula can be developed out of this connection . A Man (1+3+1=5=Man) made naught (61) through association with the Devil (70), or 61+70 = 131. It would seem that Kenneth Grant has beaten this one to death. One might see page 16 of Outside the Circles of Time which actually paints an interesting picture of the equation. Indeed this "Satanism" overload may be necessary for overcoming such a Christian guilt complex as Crowley, and probably Grant, had. It forms a balance and overcomes by nullification. Those of us lucky enough not ot have been conditioned with this horror of guilt may find it somewhat silly.

Actually, it would be easy to say that Pan is God. His name means "everything" in Greek, so he qualifies for omniscience. The number of his card in the Tarot is XV, which is the numerical value by Gematria of IH, or Jah, Yah. Hish path is the 26th, which is the numerial value of IHVH, the Tetragrammaton, or Jehovah/Yaweh. It all adds up, however for those of us with a non-dualistic view, it is not 21,nism.

Let us look at the word "panic," or "panikon" in Greek (The fear instilled by Pan). We can hop synonyms in less than five moves to Worship. (using the Windsor Court Thesaurus, by the way)
Panic = Consternation = Awe = Admiration = Worship.
This shows a progressive deterioration of an idea.

131 is also the number of Samael, the Poison of God, a title of the Angel of Death. The Angel of Death is also known as Azrael, the Peacock Angel (Melek Taus, blessed be He!) of the Yezidis: "He who existed before all creatures is the Peacock Angel." Azrael, however, is the god of the Material World, not the Supernal, he was created by a god. I may tell you from experience that the "Vision of the Universal Peacock" is accompanied by rainbow flashes of colours, cognate with the Fool's motley, and the Coat of Many Colours (see Book of Thoth, p. 58.) This rainbow is representative of all that is material. It is the Pure White Light of the Supernals split by the prism of the material. The Eyes, of course, correspond to Ayin, the letter of the Devil card. Coincidentally, "peacocks" in Hebrew is TVVSYM = 131.

Samael, or Poison of God, has the same consonental pattern as "Small." (SMAL = 131) The Small is, of course, Hadit, the infinitessimal point.

"If I lift up my head,
I and my Nuit are one.
If I droop down mine head,
and shoot forth venom,
then is the rapture of the earth,
and I and the earth are one."
Liber Al - 1:26

Note that venom = poison = SM. We see here the Fool/Devil connection spelled out in Hadit. hadit is also motion, which brings us back to 5, as motion = Geburah, the fifth Sephirah. Looking further we see that Hadit in full is 555 (the number of the Phallus, see Gematria note in Equinox of the Gods.) or 5 X 111. Already having seen 5, we note that 111 is the number of Aleph, the letter of the Fool card spelled in full.

Finally, 131 is the Grrek value of Mako, son of Set. The Crocodile of Sebek who wears the Feather of Ma'at (see Book of Thoth ...again... p. 59.) Personally, I think that 131 has been sorely neglected in the Thelemic canon of holy numbers.

What follows is a list of Gematria equivalents of 131, from Hebrew, Greek, Coptic, Ugaritic and transliterated English.

ACSN - Accomodate, Put Up.
ILNYM - Underworld Ghosts [Ugaritic]
AMNM - Verily, Truely, Indeed.
AMOK - Amok [transliterated].
AMTz - Strength.
ANP - To Be Angry.
ASLM - To Convert to Islam.
APYM - Anger.
APN - Manner.
ATzYL - Peer, Gentleman; The Upper Arm.
BNGOV - When He Touches (Something unclean by contact with menses, Leviticus 15:23)
BPMT - Baphomet [transliterated].
HMVLYKK - Who Led You (Deuteronomy 8:15)
VBMLChMH - And By War (Deuteronomy 4:34)
VYChZQ - And He Hardened (The Heart of the Pharaoh, Exodus 9:12)
VMKSH - And a Covering (Exodus 26:14)
VMSKH - And Molten Image (Deuteronomy 27:15)
ThAOMAI - To Wonder At, Be Amazed [Greek].
TVVSYM - Peacocks.
YALMN - Widow, Bereave.
YAPYL - Darken, Obscure; Grow Dark; Black Out.
KMVSH - Capsule.
LALHYHN - To Their Gods (Numbers 25:2)
MAKO - Mako, Son of Set [transliterated].
MAMN - Trainer, Instructor.
MKVSH - Covered (a title of Keter).
MKSHV - Its Covering (Exodus 35:11)
MSVK - Hedge of Thorns.
MPAI - Spindle [Coptic].
MTzA - Find, Find Out.
NLKAL - Nelchael, a fallen angel.
SVLLH - Embankment; Dike; Battery.
SVSH - Mare.
SMAL - Samael, Poison of God, a title of the Angel of Death.
OVNH - Her/His/Its Iniquity (Leviticus 7:18, Numbers 15:31)
OVNH - Season, Term.
ONVH - Humility.
PAN - Pan [transliterated in Hebrew and natural in Greek]; All [Greek].
PELEIA - Dove [Greek].
TzVHL - Merry, Joyful, Exultant.
TzVLH - Depths (of the Sea).
TzMA - Thirst.

Pan in the Woods by Theseus