Life will take refuge in one place only
The Cyclical Cross of Hendaye and the transit of the Xth Planet

Carlo Barbera

A mysterious monument

The Basques are people who have a totally extraordinary history. Scholarly research investigates these peculiar peoples, distinguished by an ancient and magical language and by a strange genetic morphology, that have been living in the territories around the Bay of Biscay since the Lower Palaeolithic.
Presently the territories inhabited by the Basque population are mostly administered by the Spanish Government in the South and West, and for less than a third by the French Government in the North and the East. Hendaye is the last French Basque city before the border with Spain. The border is marked by the estuary of the river Bidasoa and by the Pyrenees that end here in front of the majestic expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. The medieval part of this Basque city is located on top of a hill from where one can enjoy a good view of the Bay of Chingoudy below, of the river Bidasoa to the North and West, and of the dramatic slopes of the Pyrenees on the West, South and East. In the middle of the city, next to the church of Saint Vincent, there is a cyclic cross erected here in the late years of the '700s by a group of unknown initiated people that are still believed to live in the nearby mountains. Once upon a time the cross decorated the cemetery and only in 1842 it was moved nearer to the church where it is still to be found today.

The monument is a mysterious one. It bears a great many symbols, carved in low relief, that focus the visitor’s attention and introduce him into an hermetic route of reading and interpretation. The sensation it gives is that of penetrating into an enigmatic space delineated by archetypal symbols that reveal Times, apocalyptic events and mysteries of the sun and the sky. It seems that the Cross of Hendaye was relatively unknown until the research undertaken by Fulcanelli during the preceding decades, were published in the 1960s. Fulcanelli was a mysterious Parisian alchemist, a man of genius and a prolific researcher and writer, who later disappeared in equally mysterious circumstances. Not only did he notice the Cyclic Cross in the Basque Country but he underlined its importance as an major European esoteric monument and he partially translated its symbols emphasising a particular aspect of its complex symbolic system: that of an esoteric message that speaks of apocalyptic and final events.

When first seen, the monument appears divided into three fundamental components: the upper cross, the shaft or pilaster and the base. The upper cross has three symbolic components, the pilaster is a symbol by itself and the base has four symbols making up a total of eight images. The three symbolic components of the upper cross are the inscription INRI, two X, positioned one above the other, and a mysterious inscription in Latin:


that means: O CRUX AVE SPES UNICA (Ave Oh Cross, only hope) – with a gross mistake in the positioning of the letter S that somewhat alerts an observer used to understanding the meanings and the techniques of the esoteric Cabala and of Alchemy.

The four symbols at the base must be taken as components of a single symbolic structure.
Beginning on the East, anticlockwise, the images are:
1) a star with eight rays,
2) a half moon with an eye and the features of a human face,
3) a cross or terrified sun face with circled eyes that come out of their orbits, a drawn mouth making a grimace of rage or terror; the face is surrounded by 16 big rays alternated by 16 smaller rays inside a circle that contains them. The whole sun circle is surrounded by 4 stars placed at the corners of the rectangle and inclined so that their diagonal axis meets at the centre of the sun face,
4) an oval that fills the whole space of the rectangle and contains a cross with four A inside. The A are unusual with a small corner opposite the apex of each A, instead of the usual horizontal bar.

The shaft provides an image of unification and that of a meridian, a symbol per sè and moves across all the layers of interpretation.


Esoteric symbolism

At this point one realises that one is confronted by an important coded message that begs to be revealed urgently as if it were loaded by a heavy burden from which it must be freed and that we have to take upon ourselves with the help and guidance, along this hard path, of those that have penetrated before us in the thick wood of esoteric knowledge reserved to the initiates of the Sacred Science.

The Upper Cross

1) The inscription INRI, Eastern side – the image takes us directly into the Rosicrucian Alchemical tradition. As Fulcanelli tells us, this inscription can be interpreted as one of the greater keys of Alchemy: Igne Natura Renovatur Integra or " Nature is integrally renewed in the Fire." Other interpretations read Igne Nitrum Raris Invenitum or " Brightness is rarely found in the Fire ".
These letters were considered the ' Key Words' and submitted by Weidner and Bridges, (who have recently produced an in-depth study of the Cross of Hendaye) to a peculiar kind of gnostic and Cabalistic analysis. The first symbol clearly indicates a journey between life/death/resurrection /new life, that is linked to the mysteries of light, the fire where brightness can be found and the revolution of the precessional cycle caused by the overturning of the axis of the earth.

2) The double X – On the highest point of the cross, on the side opposite to that where the inscription INRI is found and above the Latin inscription, there are two X positioned one above the other. The first impression is that of the Roman number twenty written vertically. Weidner and Bridges underline the obvious connection with the card XX of the Tarot pack, the Last Judgement.
Fulcanelli writes in his ' Philosophic Dwellings' (ed.Mediterranee,Rome,1973,p.205): ".. The X also signifies the ammoniac salt of the sages, or Ammon’s, that is the ram’s salt (ammoniakòs), that was once written more credibly as harmoniac, because it realises Harmony (harmony, reunion), the agreement between water and fire, because it is the mediator par excellence between the sky and the earth, the soul and the body, the volatile and the fixed. And it is the Sign, without any other attribute, the seal that reveals to man through some superficial lines, the intrinsic virtues of the first philosophal substance. Finally the X is the Greek hieroglyphic for glass,that is the purest material,"... that comes nearer to perfection..." the masters of the Art assure us."

3) The Latin inscription – the gross error that is found in the inscription does not induce one to develop complex systems of analysis but rather to search for the simplicity of the message, cleverly carried by such an obvious mistake in the grammar. Fulcanelli thought that the letter S was important : " The letter S, that borrows the sinuous shape of a snake, corresponds to the khy (x) of the Greek language and takes on its esoteric meaning. It is the helicoidal track of he sun when it reaches the zenith of its trajectory in space, the time of the cyclic catastrophe. It is a theoretical image of the Beast of the Apocalypse, of the dragon that vomits, in the days of the Judgement , the fire and the sulphur of the macrocosmic creation. Thanks to the symbolic value of the letter S, put on purpose in the wrong place, we understand that the inscription must be translated into a secret language, that is in the language of the Gods, or in that of the birds and that one must discover its meaning through the rules of Diplomacy..."- Fulcanelli continues by revealing the philosophic reading of the inscription – It is written that’ life takes refuge’ in one place only', we learn, that is, that a country exists where death will not touch men when the terrible moment of the double cataclysm will come. It is up to us then to find the geographical position of this Promised Land, from where the Chosen Ones will be able to witness the return of the " Golden Age."

Concerning this, the French scholar Jules Boucher wrote in 1936: " This cross, marked by a X, shows us a kind of rebus. It is the Artist that multiplies the figures so that his emblem can speak. Looking attentively with the eyes of the spirit, the inscription "O CRUX AVE SPES UNICA" , the Cabalists found, very exactly and without the possibility of a mistake, the precise indication of the place on the earth that will not be touched by the next catastrophe (the inversion of the poles).
One must keep in mind that the word "reversal" means reversal of the sphere, reversal of the sphere of the earth. It means that the Northern Pole will become the Southern pole and vice versa, when the sun that devours, (the black sun) has arrived at the apex of its race. It will then move in the opposite direction, when looking at the same sense of rotation.

The shaft

This symbol by itself unifies the whole vision. It is the spine of the world, the tree of the world and at the same time the tree of life. The ancient Egyptians saw it as Djed or Zed, Osiris’ spine, the polar axis of the planet and of the galactic meridian.
The Djed is a tower, it represents stability, continuity and regeneration. The festivity of the raising of the Djed goes back to more than 5000 years – as quoted in the Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’ - that identifies the Djed as Osiris’ spine and as the support and spine-column of the universe. Historically, the Djed was erected at the crucial transitional times between cycles, evoking light and stability and the dispersion of obscurity and disorder. According to the texts of the Temple of Horus at Edfu, the Djed served its high purpose and revealed its supreme mystery at the end of each age of the world and at the beginning of another one.

The Djed is the supreme symbol of unification of all polarities, it links to the transcendental reality of the One. It symbolises the micro and macrocosmic axis. Like the Cosmic Axis, the Djed is the cylinder, the column of light that links the earth to the Polestar. It represents stability because it aligns the North Pole of the Earth with the fixed point of the vault of heaven.
Beyond the Polestar there are the kingdoms of the Gods and of the highest dimensions of the Being. In the microcosm, within ourselves, the human axis is the spine, the space-time tunnel through which the great transfer can take place, the column of light that connects the heavy matter to pure Awareness, in the Corona on top of the head. Thus the Djed is the mean to physically transfer to a superior existence, to liberation in reality and eternal life, the ladder of Resurrection for the Chosen Ones. We also know that the Egyptian and Sumerian Gods built Djed Towers suitable to transfer them to their Planet of Origin. An exceptional example is the Djed inside the Great Pyramid at Giza.
The chamber of the King is the heart of the Djed structure of the Great Pyramid and appears to be a sort of orgonic chamber from where one can make a great leap into the infinite. A chamber of extraordinary power suitable to catalyse and exalt the cosmic nature inherent in the genetic structure of the human being, to raise again the Tower of Osiris in the spine of man and to transfer it on the celestial plane of its highest awareness.


The Base or Pedestal

The sequence of symbols represented on the four sides of the base leads us through dramatic events of a cosmic nature:
The Star, the messianic emblem of the celestial coming. The moon that is intuition, inspiration and also knowledge; the Artist has carved the moon with a human profile and one eye in its forehead as in the Egyptian representations. It is known that Egyptians never represented the eye in profile. The eye also indicates seeing in the dark, that is, it sees the secret knowledge that, in this case, contemplates the mystery of the end of Times. The sun, terrified and with its eyes protruding from its sockets lets us sense the mutation of the orbital balances of the planets of the solar system. The oval with four A, is identified by Fulcanelli as the Last Judgement of the Major Arcanum XX of the Tarot pack.
Of the four symbols, this last one appears to be the most mysterious. We shall not attempt now further interpretations beyond that of the master Fulcanelli, although this symbol for us will be the origin of a new path into interpretation.

The four symbols of the Base



At this point we have gathered quite a body of information to outline our paradigm, co-ordinates for the mind, an indication for a path, a signal on the journey, a prophecy and maybe, a sacred way to enter the mysteries of time that have so far remained inviolate.

We consider it misleading to attempt to divine a date from the Monument at Hendaye in so far as there are there events that are predicted and that are anyhow too big for human beings as we are. We consider more important to understand its symbolic message and to reach deeper indications.

The Cyclic Cross of Hendaye speaks of a unique earth, of a single space, of a single place on this planet where all life will be gathered, the whole life current, the awareness and the intelligence with it, and where the living will find shelter during the terrific and grandiose day of the final act. There is also apparent an elemental model, life/death/rebirth/new life, that is linked to the precessional cycle and to the renewal of the world through Fire.

The sacred place indicated in the mysterious message is obviously the geographical point where the Cyclic Cross was erected. It has to do with the city of Hendaye, the exact centre of the Bay of Biscay, the territory occupied for thousands of years by the Basque peoples. It seems therefore that this corner of Europe on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean will be for the predestined living, the only protected place from the apocalyptic purification in the Fire and from the cosmic catastrophe of the inversion/inclination of the poles.

To provoke such events will be the passage of a celestial body, a Star, with an enormous helyptical orbit, symbolised by the Fire Serpent, a Celestial Serpent that cyclically brings terror and purification, death and rebirth in the whole solar system.

The Star is the Tenth planet of our solar system, marked by the upper X , the planet of the crossing known to the Sumerians, the Egyptians and other civilisations of the past (Nibiru, Marduk, Horus-Set, Quetzal/coatl), that makes its enormous orbit around the sun and then reaches its cyclical alignment with the earth and the other celestial bodies of the solar system, circa every 3600 years. The two overimposed X indicate an alignment that will happen between the upper X, the Tenth Celestial Body, the Star of the crossing, and the lower one, the sacred place of the gathering of life. That will also be the moment of a particular planetary alignment in relationship to the sun of four planets, Mars and Jupiter on one side and Venus and Mercury on the other. To symbolise the opening of the celestial gate.

Why should life be gathered exactly in this place? What does the bay of Biscay hide that is so important?

The Xth Planet, the Celestial Snake, will find its Zenith by aligning on its precise image, reflected on the earth. The place where life will take refuge to avoid the catastrophe, reveals itself to be the navel of the earth, the Meridian of the World, represented by the shaft of the Monument, that traces the axis of the alignment and represents the Djed, the spine of Osiris and the Stellar Gate, that is the system of physical transference towards one’s Origin.

The cyclical Cross of Hendaye answers our question and reveals that in this sacred place there exists a ladder to ascend to a superior paradise that will reveal itself in the perfect alignment to join the Earth and the Sky, Time and Eternity, Man and his Immortal Divinity. The Monument indicates that in this preserved place of the planet there is a Djed structure, capable of transferring the Chosen Ones to their real and eternal existence. And that will be the spine of each of them, the spine of Osiris exalted to its supreme power within the Royal Chamber, to climb the ladder of Being until the celestial springs where to find again the perfection of the Origin. The perfect alignment between the Celestial Snake and the Zed will open them the Gate of Ascension into the Real and the Coming of the Star of Fire will be the day of the liberation they have been waiting for.

Another destiny awaits those that will remain. The transit of the Star marks the end of Times and a cyclic revolution of the planet that will enter into a new era of existence and a new manifestation of life after passing through the Fire that will regenerate completely all things.


Work hypothesis

There are no sufficient elements to understand how this corner of Europe facing the Atlantic Ocean can be preserved from the purification through Fire that is prophesised and from the planetary cataclysms like the shifting or even the inversion of the poles.
Nor are there sufficient archaeological finds in the Basque territories were it only to justify the hypothesis of the existence of a monument dating to before the flood like, or at least similar to, the gigantic Djed Tower inside the Great Pyramid. Maybe the Monument of Hendaye hides further information and we can proceed forward along this path that has now become narrower and winding.

Our story begins with a Star, a Star of Fire that returns cyclically. It journeys and encounters the Moon. The secret knowledge recognizes the Coming of the Celestial Snake. The sun, the rational mind is terrified of it and the solar system is revolutionised. It is the great day of the Last Judgement and life finds refuge in one place only on the Earth. This place is possibly its navel, the vital chakra of the earth that leads to its solar centre and to its inner paradise. It’s a circumscribed, protected place, a philosophal egg that keeps the primordial essence. It is the cross that occupies the uncontaminated space, the sign of the Life that finds refuge in the Egg.

This suspended space, unviolated by time and by the minds of men, is subdivided into four sectors, four closed living and preserved territories. Inside each of them there is a structure directed upwards, represented by the rising movement of an energy that taps below and inside to raise and transfer itself. The great day of the Last Judgement is also the day of a great departure, of the great transfer. The hypothesis is that in the Basque territories of the Bay of Biscay there are protected areas, preserved spaces suitable to receive the life that will find refuge here. The fact that these spaces are absolutely circumscribed and closed and therefore not accessible to the non Chosen ones, extends the hypothesis of their hyperdimensional nature. That is, that there exist in this geographic area of the earth, dimensional spaces with a high frequency that are not perceived by human sensory powers nor that are subject to human physical laws, where there are Djed Towers suitable to the physical transfer of those that will survive the terrible purification.

Djed Tower

The image tells us that in this territory there exist four circumscribed spaces, each of which has its own completeness and autonomy. Nevertheless they make up " a single space ". This leads to think that in other sacred places in the world there exist other spaces with high frequencies, hyperdimensional fields of Real Earth also provided with Djed for the transfer, all considered though in any case as belonging to " a single space ", the undivisible space of the Original Substance.
Naturallly in those extraordinary spaces of ' Real Earth' there are inhabitants, real men and women. Most probably they witness from outside the temporal drama of this civilisation trying to save what can be salvaged and guide the predestined towards the real space.
Maybe they are the same beings that erected the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye, mysterious initiates that, it is said, still live, free from time among the magical slopes of the Pyrenees.


 the east and towards the west in relation to the spring equinox