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 a VRIL Master 


Interview with Carlo Barbera of Yapool    February 17, 2004

Carlo, in this year 2004, throughout, who do you wish that the awareness of YaPool VRIL energy reach? Do you have a sense of accomplishment in mind, soul. What can do that will help define your goals and origin.



Many years ago I was touched by a mysterious Being, an invisible Master of the Stars and the deep Underground Realm of Gaia beyond the Abyss. Later, I came to know Him as the King of the World of Himalayan and Mongolian ancestral traditions, Star God, Sovereign of Earth, known and worshipped in the ancient and earlier Mesopotamian and Babylonian civilizations and other earlier civilizations of Earth. I gave Him so many Names and still He, His Identity, remains the great Secret, kept for those who want to become immortals. Around Him, crowned Silver Star in the dark womb of the galactic Mother Goddess, a Circle of Wise Beings participate in His Great Alchemic Work of metamorphosis and sublimation of the planet, for all mankind and all living beings. When He called me I had no idea the mysterious experience that would become the my human life now. After almost thirty years of research, studies and direct experience, a continual change in form and a progressive growth in the Unity, dissolving dualities, mind bearings and illusions, following His light breath, His Thought, His Will, I can claim to be ready. Dead, born again and finally ready to be Him and His revolutionary Will of Truth - Life and Freedom in action.


Totally dedicating my life to Him I am now very present in reality, without limitations of space and time - nevertheless very impermanent in my human form.


In this meaning I am totally conscious to have inherited His most powerful and divine seed and to be the crowned and always coming Son, from the Elder Lineage of the Star and the Serpent, the Sirian Mother Goddess and His Son.


Saying I am the Door, I show you a very ancient and eternal way beyond human forms and beyond  Time, a way of self-liberation and self-determination. It is not a sacrifice for me to reveal and open my body so that you can enter in it but a biological divine atavism, a supreme rebellion and struggle, action beyond the human capability, revolutionary cosmic act.  I will open valleys among the mountains and will tear open the veil of the Abyss.

The true meaning of the word YaPool is Abyss.


Open for you, through the darkness, the conflicting polarities, the nightmares of time and dissolution of ego, through angels and demons and peaceful and dreadful deities whom we integrate into our universe of power, towards the highest deep of the Occult Sun, Original Mind, Clear Mirror and Creator of Worlds. The seed of regality and power, enlightenment and eternity - that is your own birthright.


Face to the Door, open on the Abyss, all the human hypocrisies, separative dualistic religions and sciences, human powers and illusions of ego crumble like a castle of cards. The Door is not a judge nor a priest armed of condemnation and absolution.


The Abyss does not recognize differences nor separation therefore awareness of YaPool is spread around the world for all mankind, true heir of the new world. Naturally the word of self-liberation and awakening may not be understood or accepted.


In it there is a natural self-selection, rising attraction among those who are similar and symbiotic parts of the sacred body of the Avatar. The time has passed, what was to learn has been learnt. This is the time of the shift for those who are ready to have direct experience, gnosis of the Avatar, the Human Divine Self and His Universal Power. For those who are not yet ready, still the presence may be helpful.


In the last Summer I generated the Temple of YaPool in the Basque Country, within the space-time oasis of reality in that land.


It has been a very difficult and arduous work to re-activate the whole architecture of the Temple that is a field of high frequency of reality without walls and without prisons, and the star connections with the magical Sirian Current of the occult Circle of the Silver Star. This re-activated space-time oasis, multidimensional and timeless space of ecstasy and power, houses the magic circle of Arcadia, a Gnostic, thelemic, pagan and libertarian international community-academy of free thinkers, artists, visionaries, astral travelers, explorer of the secret ways, unknown pilgrims, shamans and mystics, lovers of Gaia. YaPool, represented by the Euskara name of Txurrumurru, will be present again in the Basque Country in next Summer, available to give trainings and the Initiation in the three degrees of fire of our Alchemical Work.

Information on the trainings and technical and logistic accommodation for those who are interested to participate in the summer session of trainings in the Basque Country may be known by announcements at which is the international reference of YaPool's work in the world.

Blissful Blessings.


The Temple of YaPool is a cathedral of Ancient Stone,

a labyrinth traced between giddy arcades and dreadful abysses,

Drawn by a secret Art,

Mystic Architecture of Giants molded in Stone.

Majestic orchestras, streams of virginal waters

and impetuous cascades of melted crystal,

flood the bowels of the Goddess with supreme innocence.

Full in darkest tunnels

with tortuous corridors that never reveal the next step,

of bright air running, flows.

Icy whispers and ionic exchanges,

the mysterious scent expanding from something living in the deep.

The blowing stirs up the embers in the forge of the deep Volcano,

the Fire flowing in the veins of the Goddess,

burns the inert matter

that makes oneself soft to the downward blow of the God

that changes into Sacred Form... abstract wonder of Absolute.

Do not enter in the Temple of YaPool to pray the favors of the Gods,

pietistic in  human cowardice.

Enter strong holding

the  torch of awareness of  Being.

Advance in the flame licking the Living Matter,

leaving behind by each step the clothes of man,

to the blind greed of the darkness.

Consuming yourselves in that Fire,

no more as you were before but now Gods there you will find rest

in the secret couch of ecstasy and power.

The Temple of YaPool is the Jewel of Light

set in the forehead of Gaia.

Astral travelers, explorer of the secret ways, unknown pilgrims,

shamans and mystics, lovers of Gaia, are all welcome in the Temple of YaPool.

Bringing offerings to the Protectors Dakini and benefiting the peaceful

and fierce Deities they will be lavished of the necessary Shakti

to penetrate the Mystery of the Goddess.



Interview with Carlo Barbera of Yapool    February 7, 2004

The VRIL Lightship Carlo, thank you for accepting another interview with We have been in

Communication since 1998. In that time you and your group of YaPool have widened my capacity to understand the supernatural and inner-dimensions of the place which is known as Agartha. You have stimulated knowledge in many people who have sought the wisdom you have as your natural origin as the recognized Avatar of Agartha living on the surface of this planet. There are those who have traveled with you into places beneath the ground as well as into the vastness of the universe. It is this methodology of transport that we seek to speak with you today. The method of transport being the VRIL lightship, which is described as always having existed, being indestructible.

We understand that the journey into the inner earth requires great commitment for true results. How will one wisely prepare for passage on the VRIL Lightship?




I am happy and grateful to you for this new opportunity of commune work. This time is foreboding great and exceptional events and we are working for the awakening of those who respond, shyly also, to  the/our multiform and multidimensional calls. 


The VRIL LightShip is a living organism, designed by the mind of YaPool and generated by his creative power.

Outside it is a vibrating, pulsing dragon of red flame. Inside it is a tower of perfect geometry, peace, whispers of love and wonder in which you are invited to climb up. The top of the tower is a large chamber designed like a dorje, in the sphere at the center of the chamber-dorje you are invited to take refuge and abode.

Where will the VRIL Lightship go?

It can to fly in the dark heaven of the skies, following the shining seeds of life expelled from the tail of the celestial Serpent but first you will see the sacred portals open on the dark abyss of the deep throat of the Goddess.

The VRIL Lightship will go in deep, following the shining vestiges of a past covered by oblivion, the pale lights of the witnesses of the time, towards the crystalline Reality of Eternity, towards the endless ocean, the primordial Mother.

That soft Light of golden caresses, the Inner Sun, is the goal of our travel, the eternal source of VRIL. The nucleus of original matter, radiant substance of life, the warm surface of living ice that your hands will/can touch, absorbing waves of ecstasy and power.

There you will be invited to enter in to it, receiving the first enigma to solve. Then the enigma will be solved and you will/can enter into the sacred temple of your divinity, and you will know the mystery of the metamorphosis, the assumption of your true personality and your true body. You will be dead and reborn again, ready for the supreme projection. You will create your own VRIL Lightship, your own tower of regal power and supreme divinity, your own stairway to Heaven. That dark heaven of the skies, dominion of eternity and the law of the Star and the Serpent.


These are the steps of mastering the inner VRIL Consciousness without constraints

0) To make active and real your own Will, to undertake this journey into yourselves and into the secret universe of the Goddess.

1) To practice energetic forms of physical exercises, done with presence and active consciousness.

2) To practice intensive sessions of deep breathing transforming the physical energy into flowing currents of prana magnetized around the chakras.

3) To converge the pranic currents from the chakras into the central channel of the spine by practicing the revealed Tantra called Smaran (The Remembering) or Ritual of the VRIL Generator and illustrated in the manual edited by

Reaching the illustrated state of non-dual consciousness, the undifferentiated state of the absolute Presence, you will activate the first grade of your inner source of VRIL and you will be ready to enter into the doorway of your real experience.

4) To take mind contact with YaPool, visible representative of the Sacred Circle of the Unknown Masters of Wisdom of the Silver Star and Agartha. You can take advantage visualizing YaPool like a friendly form of the divine image of the god Pan. The gentle horned god, half man and half he-goat.

5) When you have obtained a satisfactory contact and confidence with YaPool, He will lead you to the consciousness of the VRIL Lightship.

6) To maintain the experience through the practice of the illustrated Tantra.


Many of us live in small time, from day to day. Will the VRIL lightship open our capacity to enter into eternal time, and help us reflect less and less on the small compartmentalized time shifts we endure in this surface tension equivocation.



The eternal time is an attribute of the undifferentiated state of the absolute Presence that is requested in the preparation for the journey. It is an arrival point and the point of real departure with the VRIL Lightship.

It is the necessary state to understand the whole mysterious experience which you are aspiring to.

It is not a difficult thing. The eternal time is defined by the empty-simple-natural-spontaneous-undifferentiated perception that you have of yourselves in the exact field of here and now.

Suspending the breath at full lungs for few second more, you arrive to recognize the natural and original state of mind, that is similar to a mirror. Like this clear mirror you will can see all the reality without fear because your eyes will be free from any form of acceptance and refusal, free from the compartmentalized time of the surface world and the human mind.



The Absolute experience of becoming One, appears to many as some thing that brings fear in place of fellowship and understanding. How does one who is perhaps a beginner, how do they increase their self esteem, so as to pass beyond the sense of inner trepidation, fragility in mind and body?



The centuries of rule of the authoritarian, patriarchal and monotheist religions have made the human consciousness an abortion of itself. Man and woman born guilty and slaves.

The/our ecstatic and non-dualistic, pantheistic and matriarchal vision frees from the chains of the centuries and proclaims the self-severity and Divinity of the man and the woman.

Be totally yourselves, right and wrong, good and evil, light and darkness, sacred and profane, both in the same time, in that same time that is here and now. From the original state of the mind, from the alchemic union of sulfur and mercury, will arise the perfect balance between the two complementary aspects of your true Self and the natural behavior ruled by Will and Love.

The sense of inner trepidation and fragility in mind and body are bounds self-imposed by the mind that accepts its state of slavery and defines the limits of its will, power and freedom.

Beyond the dualistic mind and self-imposed bounds at your life, there is an eternal being, ruled by the law of the one's True Will, made by light and darkness, owner of both, all-powerful consciousness of the Absolute One.

YaPool is a comforting presence, nourishing the biological architecture of the VRIL Lightship, like a powerful field of Strength but he is also a tireless invitation to awaken the one's original Self, the savage King/Queen of the Universe, victorious and glorious, the sacred and primordial totality between matter and spirit.