Towards Global Resistance

Carlo Barbera

All of humanity is the victim of a gigantic deception, carried on for millenniums, by a subduing logic that gets handed down and renewed.
Kingdoms, governments, imperialisms of ancient and modern history are the human outcome of an oppressing power that transcends human understanding, the logistic and repressive results of the global empire.
Religions are the controlling institutions, manipulators of the human mind, inquisitors of free thinking, warders of conscience.
Financial giants and banking institutions, are the blackmail perpetrators, the warders of submission, the hired assassins of peoples.
The armies are the roar of imperialistic folly, the fierce masturbation of the most idiotic god.
Democracies are the penal institutes where the sentence for the "original sin" is expiated throughout the entire existence. Where freedom and truth are crushed with abuse of power and lies.
Tyrannies are the outlets by which democratic globalization is consolidated.
An enormous number of human beings are living deprived of the most basic civil and political rights. A number of ethnic minorities are subjected to globalization logic and are deprived of their right to freedom and to the auto-affirmation of their sovereignty. At this time, more than ever, these minorities represent an explosive and subversive charge for the establishment of global order. And, as such, are systematically repressed and crushed by the machinery of international wars.
It's a solid working system and all of us, men and women of this planet, know the solidity and bitter strength of this prison.
The truth is that our earth, so thriving with life, our planet enchanted with beauty and magic, has been overtaken by a force hostile to beauty and life.
And this humanity so strong and passionate, heroic colony of enzymes in the universe, has been subjugated by a most ancient and fierce tremendous force, a force that has overtaken its conscience, has possessed it genetics and its mind. And has built a world of oppression and slavery, in which it seems to keep alive and auto-reproduce.
As if an intruder was living in our house and lord it without our knowledge.
For these reasons, as men deprived of our freedom and sovereignty, we have the right and duty to resist the oppressor, and fight to regain our sovereignty of individuals, people, and humanity on our land.
Following this line of reasoning, all men on the planet are deprived of freedom and all men, realizing this condition, have the right to fight, with the means allowed them by environmental and historical conditions, and the level of consciousness they've developed. As the process of oppression and negation of their basic rights, could manifest in infinite variations. But "this" struggle becomes part of a "virtual" contest, an illusory reality produced by our own mind. The conflict could not be resolved without considering that the single, personal conflict as individual and people, is only an expression of the global conflict and of  the great deceit. The struggle for any freedom will never succeed without the awareness that globalization rises from a single occult logic, and that it has been keeping and developing its own domination program for millenniums, and that it has completely deformed our existence, not just our society but, above all, our mind, our conscience.
It has changed the genetic mental codes of the dimension in which men is aware of existing, without being aware that in reality it is a prison for all men. The human being is but a virtual image of his real self and the great majority of elements that make up or psyche, our awareness and our consciousness, are illusory, virtual.
On these basis, resistance becomes a decisive act. Single and collective action of conscious rebellion to the occult manipulators and their global deceit.
Armed with awareness, we could tear up from our mind, the fences that impose limits, blackmail and conditions to our freedom, fences imposed by the oppression and repression of imperialistic governments. Hence outline plans of  aware action with highly decisive potential.
Actions that, although developing the human revolutionary charge, would not be blind, unaware, victim that is of the first conditioning directives, those presently in our mind and which define for us the description of the "real".
And, if on one end the struggle expresses in people's action, in opposing political militancy, resistance and alternative proposal, on the other end it expresses in the attainment of states of consciousness which would allow challenging the same laws of the "real" on which this existence of enslaved men is founded.
By this power, it seems to take shape action of global resistance by an international network of men and women who operate by means of mental faculties and powers of the conscience. As well as a particular futuristic (to say the list) technology.
A magic group of initiates of mysterious origin, who generate, coordinate and connect the single resistance and fighting realities on the planet. Who operate with utmost authoritativeness and the most incisive decision to determine humanity's liberation.
They are the origin and aim of all claims, of all quests for freedom, independence and sovereignty from every people on earth.
Aim of their action is to establish the historical causes of a global resistance founded  on the awareness of reality and the attentive comprehension of the virtual deceits that keep men's conscience imprisoned.
They also aim to determine in the individuals and in the masses, the interior conditions of rebellion, and the social ones of  resistance, that will allow the greatest number of men and women, to escape from the conditioning  of global control and create hot-points of liberation and self- determination.
To come in contact with this high potential operative core, means to go beyond the boundaries of the "real", in that "middle ground" in which they live, part of them consciously immersed in the virtual dimension, the others, without limitations and prisons, present and alive outside of this time and space. In the dimension of our potentialities of free and aware men and women, toward which our conscience must emigrate, forever abandoning illusion, slavery and death.