1 First  Step 10
11.00a.m. - June, 13 2003 
Aizpitarteko Leizea  - Cave of Aizpitarte
Errenteria - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria

2 Second  Step  9
11.00a.m. - June, 14 2003 
Aitzbitarte Leizea  - Cave of Aitzbitarte
Errenteria - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


3 Third Step 8
11.00a.m. - June, 15 2003 
Mairubaratzak (Gardens of Mairu)- Cromlechs of  Egiar
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


4 Fourth  Step 7
11.00a.m. - June, 16 2003 
Mairubaratzak (Gardens of Mairu) - Cromlech of  Elorritako Gana
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


03.00p.m. - June, 16 2003
Mairubaratzak (Gardens of Mairu) - Cromlech of Oyeleku
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


5 Fifth  Step 6
03.00p.m. - June, 18 2003 
Ley Line - Pass of Biandiz 
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria

6 Sixth Step 5
11.00a.m. - June, 22 2003 
Alto de Jaizkibel
Ondarribia - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


15.00p.m. - June, 23 2003
Aitzbitarteko Leizea  - Cave of Aitzbitarte
Errenteria - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


7 Seventh Step 4
11.00a.m. - June, 25 2003 
Cross of Hendaye
Hendaye - Lupurdi - Iparralde Euskal Herria


The image tells us that in this territory there exist four circumscribed spaces, each of which has its own completeness and autonomy. Nevertheless they make up " a single space ". This leads to think that in other sacred places in the world there exist other spaces with high frequencies, hyperdimensional fields of Real Earth also provided with Djed for the transfer, all considered though in any case as belonging to " a single space ", the undivisible space of the Original Substance.
Naturallly in those extraordinary spaces of ' Real Earth' there are inhabitants, real men and women. Most probably they witness from outside the temporal drama of this civilisation trying to save what can be salvaged and guide the predestined towards the real space. Maybe they are the same beings that erected the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye, mysterious initiates that, it is said, still live, free from time among the magical slopes of the Pyrenees.

11.00a.m. - June, 28 2003
Finisterra - Galicia - Spain

"Los celtas conocían el camino al que denominaban "Camino de las Estrellas" o  "Camino del Arco Iris", que no terminaba en Compostela, sino que seguía hasta Finisterrae (actual Finisterre ) que era donde se acababa el mundo conocido, donde la tierra moría en el mar o donde existiía la ultima estrella de la vía láctea."

" All alchemists are obliged to undertake this pilgrimage. At least in the figurative sense because it concerns a symbolic journey, and he who wants to profit from it cannot, even if for one instant only, leave the laboratory. He must day and night be alert, stand in the breach.. Compostela, he emblematic city is not at all located in Spanish territory, but it the same ground of the philosophal subject. Harsh and hard path, full of surprises and dangers. The route is long and tiring, that route through which the potential becomes actual and the occult is manifest! "(Fulcanelli).

" The arrival at Compostela implies the acquisition of the Star. But the philosophal subject is still too impure to undergo maturation. Our mercury must raise progressively to the supreme degree of required purity through a series of sublimitations that need a special substance before being partially coagulated in live sulphur.." (Fulcanelli)

8 Eighth Step 3
11.00a.m. - July, 1 2003 
Ayako Harria - Irumugarieta - WooPaa
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


12.00a.m. - July, 2 2003
Ayako Harria - Eroilbide - ShaYa
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


9 Ninth Step 2
3.00p.m. - July, 4 2003 
Ayako Harria - Arisoro Ayako Gama
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


5.00p.m. - July, 4 2003
Ayako Harria - Eroilbide
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


  10 Tenth Step 1
 11.00a.m. - July, 6 2003
Jaizkibel -Ondarribia - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria

12.00a.m. - July, 8 2003
Ayako Harria - Txurrumurru
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria


11 The Avatar 0
09.00a.m - July, 11 2003
Ayako Harria - Irumugarrieta
Oiartzun - Gipuzcoa - Euskal Herria

for the Love of NUIT

for the Will of HADIT